Varicocoel & Hydrocoel Surgery

What is Varicocoel?

It is Dilatation & tortuosity of Pampiniform plexus of veins & of  testicular veins .It is more common in Young Tall,Thin men .


Usually idiopathic(unexplained cause ) in nature.

Left Sided Varicocoel is more common than right due to anatomical cause.


-Most of times men complain of dragging pain in Groin & Scrotum with swelling in root of scrotum .

-Bag of Worms feeling.

-On Lying down pain gets reduced



Surgery (Laproscopic/open )Is indicated only if pain is persistent or Oligospermia ,post intervention it improves in 6-12 weeks ,conception rate also improves.

What is Hydrocoel?

It is collection of Fluid between the two layers of Tunica Vaginalis of testis .


Primarily it is due to defective absorption of fluid by Tunica Vaginalis ,probably due to damage to wall by Low grade infection ,second common cause is due to excessive production as in Secondary Hydrocoel(in conditions like Epididymo-orchitis,Filariasis ,Testicular Mass etc)


Usually it is painless in nature ,but due to accumulation of fluid scrotum appears large in size which causes Discomfort to patient along with Social Stigma .


Patients are usually reluctant to get treated initially ,as it is painless in nature but gradually as it gets bigger in size patients consult surgeon.

Surgery(Jabuleys Eversion of Sac ) is the only treatment available along with medicinal treatment if any underlying medical cause present .


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