Laser Varicose Veins Surgery

What is Varicose Veins ?

Varicose veins means Tortous,dilated prominent veins of Lower Limbs due to incompetence of Sapheno-femoral junction & multiple perforators in leg leading to backflow & venous stasis in leg .


Prolonged standing & sitting is most common cause usually seen in occupation such as Bus Conductors ,Hawkers ,General Shop Owners ,Surgeons ,Tailors,IT Staff etc.


Initially people tend to ignore the symptoms like Dull Aching pain in calf muscles in evening ,prominent dilated veins in leg ,Eczema(Itching ) ,Skin Blackening but if left untreated patient eventually lands up in Varicose ulcer over medial side of ankle which is non healing in nature & needs surgical intervention .


In initial Stages,preventive self care steps along with Class -1 Compression stockings are advised . But if Varicose veins are more severe ,surgical treatment is necessary . Conventional Surgical methods include Sclerotherapy ,Ligation & stripping of Varicose veins but it had its own limitations .

Nowadays due to advent of Laser in Varicose veins ,surgery is Day Care with no overnight Hospital stay ,Suture less and Scar less surgery .Dr.Vineet Kini have done many cases ,& holds expertise in treating  Varicose Veins /Non-Healing Varicose Ulcer in Goregaon Mumbai ,for Consultation & More information Visit Dr.Vineet Kini’s Surgical Clinic.


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