Diabetic Foot

Diabetes is a big problem in India & in coming years India is going to become Diabetic capital of World due to sedentary lifestyle ,Job Stress ,Lack of Exercise and Poor Dietary habits .Diabetes, in itself, is a difficult disease to live with, but additional complications from the condition add to the problem. Diabetic foot is one of the complications of diabetes.

What is Diabetic Foot ?

Diabetic Foot is complication arising from Uncontrolled Diabetics associated with accidental Injury to Foot leading to Diabetic Foot.

Symptoms :

In Diabetic patients usually there is neuropathy of Foot due to which ,patients usually do not notice injury at early stage & it aggravates faster leading to Pus discharge ,foot /toe necrosis ,non healing diabetic ulcer due to persistent Increased Blood sugar level ,also with atherosclerosis of lower limb arteries blood supply is hampered so healing is delayed .


Diabetic foot treatment demands Multi-Disciplinary approach involving Diabetologist ,Surgeon ,Radiologist ,Plastic surgeon,& Podiatrist .

Proper Diabetic Management with Insulin,Diabetic diet as suggested by Diabetologist .Proper evaluation is necessary to rule out Lower limb arterial stenosis if present Peripheral Angioplasty is needed such that healing gets faster & future complications are avoided .Surgical management involves debridement of wound ,removal of dead tissue ,proper regular dressing ,Vaccum Assisted Closure (VAC) Dressing ,Skin Grafting /Flap Cover etc.Personalized Microcellular Rubber Footwear is designed for patient to wear for daily use.

For Further information & treatment approach Visit Dr.Vineet Kini’s Surgical Clinic,he has success in treating Diabetic Foot with the use of various modern Techniques.


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