Tight Penile Foreskin (Phimosis) Surgery

What is Phimosis?

It is a condition in which Penile foreskin becomes tight ,such that it can’t be retracted back over the head of penis .


Usually there two main causes Physiological & pathological.

The Physiological type is usually associated with childhood & resolves with age.

The pathological type is usually due to poor hygiene, eczema,psoriasis, or Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans(BXO)


-Reddness or discolouration which may occur when infected.

-Swelling(inflammation )which may occur when irritated.

-Pain with erections or with sexual Activity.

-Pain while urinating (Dysuria)


Physiological phimosis (congenital) typically doesn’t need treatment occasionally if conservative methods fail we need to plan for circumcision.

Pathological phimosis which is seen in adults are usually given try of Steroid cream,Anaesthetic jelly and pulling the skin as far as you can without hurting it all.If it doesn’t settle Surgery is the only option which can be done in various ways Laser Circumcision,STAPLER Or Conventional Circumcision ,it is usually a day care procedure .


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